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This toy takes half the play room and is only good to learn the basics such as alphabet, shapes and color. It can be achieved with a much cheaper and smaller alternatives such as puzzles, books, flash cards just to name a few.


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  • Necessity
    Editor: 35%
  • Quality
    Editor: 80%
  • Size
    Editor: 25%
  • Educational Value
    Editor: 70%
  • Sibling Friendly
    Editor: 70%


  • Durable
  • Fun Telephone
  • ABC sounds


  • Price
  • Size
  • Low Educational Value

As soon you see the size of this toy, you should run away. We got ours as a gift, which is not surprising as I think most of these get gifted away. Parents would not buy something that takes half a room but can be achieved with toys 1/10 the size. Besides repeating the ABC sounds when you insert the blocks in the slot it makes the most annoying song when the child is trying to use the keys. The other 3 sides are also pretty useless. The ones side I do not even know what lists used for, second side has some mirrors and some triggers to push. The back is a storage for the ABCs cubes.

Save your space and money and invest in good books, puzzles and flash cards.

From manufacturer: 

  • Five sides of learning activities keep little ones engaged
  • Light-up piano keys teach colors, shapes and make music
  • Peg maze side entertains with block-dropping fun
  • Alphabet blocks are identified, teaching children 26 letters
  • Blocks can be stored inside cube

Video Review

5 year old year old review of the cube

Age Range

9 months-2 years

2 year playing with the cube

Product Type

Not needed


 33 x 33 x 33 cm ; 3.5 Kg

2 year old beside the cube

VTech Alphabet Activity Cube


Vtech - Alphabet Activity Cube

Side 1

Vtech - Alphabet Activity Cube

Side 2

Vtech - Alphabet Activity Cube


Vtech - Alphabet Activity Cube

Popular Brand/Availability in every store: Yes

Available in many stores, such as Amazon, Toys Rus, Walmart

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Necessity Scale-1

You do not a toy that takes too much space and makes annoying sounds to teach your child the alphabet. There are so many better and smarter choices.


High-$50-70 depending if it is on sale or not

Siblings Friendly-Can engage together

If you have kids that are close at age, they will be able to play with it together. The older child will teach the younger one how to use it and the ABCs. The problem is, it gets boring very fast, so after 5 minutes the kids will lose interest.

Durability/Multi Kid Survivor/Longevity Scale 5

The item is very durable and still looks like new after 3 kids. I wish it would brake so that I can throw it out and save some space.

Development Friendly-Helps with specific skills

The product is advertised as a great educational toy that teaches shapes, colors and ABCs. In reality shapes and letters recognition can be achieved from cards and books when you actually spent time with your child. Placing a child in front  of the cube and hoping that they will learn on their own is not a great option.

Girl Friendly

This product can be used for any gender. It is not girl specific.

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