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  • Editor Rating
  • Rated 4 stars
  • Girls Rating
  • Girls Rated 4.5 stars

Great toy for kids who love Jewelry. You can wear on your wrist, transform with a twist! Twisty Petz are dazzling bracelets that turn into adorable petz! You can also connect multiple pets and make a necklace.


  • Necessity
    Editor: 80%
  • Quality
    Editor: 85%
  • Size
    Editor: 85%
  • Durability
    Editor: 80%
  • Girl Friendly
    Editor: 95%


  • Pretty
  • Big Variety
  • Bracelets interchange from Different Series


  • Some Animals are difficult to make
  • Hard to brake apart
  • Fragile

Twisty Petz are the bejeweled petz that transform into sparkly bracelets! You can even create necklaces, backpack accessories and take them with you on the go!
Connect two Twisty Petz Babies together and create a blingy bracelet! To transform from bracelet to adorable animal, simply twist!
The Twisty Petz tree keeps the bracelets organized in one place.


From manufacturer: 

  • Twisty Petz are the gem bracelets that transform into adorable, collectible animals! Make a bracelet, wear on backpack or take it with you on the go!
  • Twisty Petz come in an array of brilliant colors and finishes! Collect them all and add metallic, rainbow, pastel and even pearlescent bracelets to your collection along with more!
  • With a simple twist, your adorable pet comes to life! To transform into a bracelet, simply pull apart and connect the ends!
  • Display Over 30 Twisty Petz: The Enchanted Jewelry Tree holds over 30 Twisty Petz Display your collection in pet or bracelet form.
  • Place Twisty Petz and Babies inside the cubbies. Wrap bracelets around the tree trunk or hang them from the branches
  • Swing to play on: The base of the Enchanted Jewelry Tree has a real working swing Place your Twisty Petz in the swing and rock it back and forth

Age Range

3 year-12 years

Twisty Petz Tree

Twisty Petz Bracelets Series 3

Product Type

For Twisty Petz lovers is a must anyone else Can Skip


Tree Size

4.38 x 11 x 12 inches

Bracelet Size

1.63 x 6.5 x 9 inches

Box of Twisty Petz


Twisty Pets Bracelets Close-Up


Twisty Pets Bracelets


Twisty Petz Storage Tree


Popular Brand/Availability in every store: Yes

Available everywhere, such as Amazon, ToysRus

Where to buy


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Necessity Scale-3

If your children like Twisty Petz toys the new series is a great addition. The storage tree is also a must to keep the bracelets organized.


Medium $40-50

Siblings Friendly-Can engage together

This is a great toy for multi kids. You can invest in multi-series bracelets that kids can interchange between each other. It can be a great toy to keep buying for all the kids. It will be interesting for awhile because there will be new seasons coming up.

Durability/Multi Kid Survivor/Longevity Scale 3

The toys are pretty sturdy. If pulled too strongly the elastic might break and the beads will fall apart.

Development Friendly-Helps with specific skills

Twisty Petz dolls do not develop any specific skills. They are just a super fun toy for those kids who love jewelry.

Girl Friendly

This is a very girly toy as most of the Twisty Petz toy line up.

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