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MAKE 4 SQUISHY CHARACTERS: The Surprise Creation Kit includes everything you need to make 4 of your very own custom-made Rainbow Jellies.


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  • New concept
  • Fun Making Experience
  • Storage box


  • Expensive
  • Can only be done once
  • Doesn't properly dry

I really wish they would sell refill packs of the packs you use to make the squishy characters so you could make more, and especially so that if some of them don’t turn out you can still get at least the total four that you’re expecting. When the package says 25 surprises, it literally just means the items necessary to make the four characters, plus one little charm for each and one piece of plastic to connect the charm you use to make them to a zipper or keychain. The characters break very easily once made, and also get dirty easily and are difficult to clean. As far as the ones that work, it required adult assistance to make them, and one of them wasn’t actually set after forty-five minutes and she had to wait quite a bit longer. Once these were made they were forgotten about pretty quickly as there’s not much you can do with them without ruining them.

You just create the color combination you want (face, hair), squish the jelly color packet and add into the forms. After 45 mins they have cute little rainbow jellies in carrying cases. Be prepared to wait longer then 45m minutes or they will not properly dry and will come out broken.

From manufacturer: 

MAKE 4 SQUISHY CHARACTERS: The Surprise Creation Kit includes everything you need to make 4 of your very own custom-made Rainbow Jellies – glittery, squishy, totally adorable collectible characters!
25 SURPRISES INSIDE: Peel open the pods on the box to reveal 25 different surprises! Discover cloud molds, cute faces, colorful hair, keychains, charms and glittery magic goo to make your own Jellies!
FUN AND EASY: Choose a face and hair and put them inside a cloud mold, close it up and add the magic goo! In 45 minutes, you’ll have a super cute Rainbow Jelly, just for you! What Jelly will you make?
The Rainbow Jellies Surprise Creation Kit is a squishy making kit for kids aged 6 and up. Makes a great birthday or holiday gift. Create your own squishy collectible characters with Rainbow Jellies!
Includes: 4 Cloud Molds, 4 Keychains, 4 Face Plates, 4 Hair Pieces, 4 Hair Charms, 4 Magic Goos, 1 Rainbow Jellies Cloud, 1 Instruction Sheet

Age Range

4-10 years

Detailed Review

Product Type

Nice to Have


Storage Box 3 x 2 IN Character 1.5 x 1

The Packaging

Rainbow Jellies Creations


Rainbow Jellies Creations


Rainbow Jellies Creations

The Series

Rainbow Jellies Creations

Popular Brand/Availability in every store: Yes

Available everywhere, such as Amazon, ToysRus, Walmart

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Slimy compound, plastic, rubber

Necessity Scale-3

Good alternative to the usual slime toys.


Medium around $25

Siblings Friendly-Can engage together

This is a fun toy for siblings to able to create their own jellies.

Durability/Multi Kid Survivor/Longevity Scale 1

The toy can only be made once.

Development Friendly-Helps with specific skills

Can help encourage basic DIY skills.

Girl Friendly

This product is really oriented towards kids who love unboxing surprises and DIY toys.

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