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Clipping baby's nails is about as terrifying as being alone in a dark forest. NailFrida the SNIPPERCLIPPER will make that task a lot less scary with it's look through window. It allows you to see exactly what you cut.


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  • Cross between scissors and clipper
  • Easy to use
  • Safety Window to see the nail


  • Needs instructions
  • Very large and oddly shaped
  • Price

These clippers are amazing! I was very hesitant to buy them at first because of the high price. WE had already gone through a few cheap clippers though so I decided to go for it since if these last they would be less expensive in the long run than buying the cheap ones every few months.

When I used them for the first time I was shocked! These are by far the best clippers I’ve ever used!!! You barely have to press them, they leave a clean cut that’s not jagged. They are much bigger than the normal baby clippers so we’ll be able to use them longer! They’d also work for older children.

The nail file is sturdy and curved which is easier to use than a flat file.


1 NailFrida

1 S-Shaped Baby File

From manufacturer: 

  • Scissor-like, curved blades cut smoothly and silently without nicking your baby’s sensitive skin
  • Safety spyhole lets you see exactly what you’re clipping
  • Curved S-file is designed to smooth jagged nails

Age Range

Birth-1st Grade when nails become too big

Detailed Review

Product Type

Must Have


0.9 x 0.5 x 3.1 inches


Fridababy NF017 NailFrida - The SnipperClipper


Fridababy NF017 NailFrida - The SnipperClipper

Holding the package

Fridababy NF017 NailFrida - The SnipperClipper

Using the Clippers

Fridababy NF017 NailFrida - The SnipperClipper

Popular Brand/Availability in every store: No

Available in select baby stores and Amazon

Where to buy


The stainless steel nail clipper it comes with, for instance, is durable, has sharp edges that cut in one swift motion, and has a light and ergonomic design that you will enjoy using on an everyday basis.

S-shaped nail file made from plastic

Necessity Scale-5

Safe and convenient nail clipper is a must for every mom.


High around $20-25

Siblings Friendly-Can engage together

Nail clipper is not a toy and should not be played with siblings.

Durability/Multi Kid Survivor/Longevity Scale 3

The nail clipper is pretty sturdy and will last for at least 2 children. The nail filer will not, it tends to brake if used often.

Development Friendly-Helps with specific skills

Nail clippers are for parents not for kids.

Girl Friendly

This product can be used for any gender. It is not girl specific.

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