Dapple Baby Dish Liquid

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  • Rated 4.5 stars
  • Girls Rating
  • Girls Rated 4.5 stars

Dapple baby dish soap is every parents best friend. Once you start using bottles or sippy cups a safe but effective soap that can also clean well is a must.


  • Necessity
    Editor: 95%
  • Quality
    Editor: 85%
  • Size
    Editor: 90%
  • Girl Friendly
    Editor: 90%
  • Natural Ingredients
    Editor: 85%


  • Safe Ingredients
  • Cleans Well
  • Smells Yummy


  • Bottles Tent to leak
  • Not tough on Grease
  • Price

Dish soap is one of the most used items in the household. When you have kids the number of dishes drastically increases. When the baby is small you wash the bottles, pacifiers, pump accessories, etc 10 times a day. Even when the child gets older, you still want a soap that has safe ingredients. Just because a child gets older their safety is still a top concern.

Why Dapple? It has natural ingredients but still does a good job of cleaning the dishes. It has greats suds and requires only a small amount to do a great cleaning job.

From manufacturer: 

  • Our top scientists have developed plant-based solutions that pack a punch—tests prove that Dapple works up to 50% better on removing the film left from milk and formula on bottles and breast pumps.
  • Dapple products are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and pediatrician tested.

Age Range

Birth-no limit

Detailed Review-We put Dapple to the bubble test

Product Type

Must Have


Various Sizes:16.9 oz, 3 oz. and 34 oz

Back Label

dapple dish soap


dapple dish soap

Bubble Test

dapple dish soap

Holding the Bottle

dapple dish soap

Popular Brand/Availability in every store: No

Available in select baby stores and Amazon

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Purified water, alkyl polyglucoside (cleaner derived from tree oils and glucose), sodium lauroamphoacetate (cleaner derived from tree oils and amino acid), sodium citrate (water softener derived from citric acid), baking soda, tetrasodium iminodisuccinate (complexing agent), lavender essential oil, benzisothiazolinone (preservative)

Necessity Scale-5

Dishes are always a chore and when you have babies it becomes even more critical to do them right the first time. Safe ingredients do not have to sacrifice the quality of cleaning. Dapple is a great kids safe dish soap.


Low around $3-15 Depending on size

Siblings Friendly-Can engage together

This item can be used for both baby and kids dishes. It is strong enough for tougher stains but safe enough for a baby.

Durability/Multi Kid Survivor/Longevity Scale 1

This is an item that gets used and not designed to last.

Development Friendly-Helps with specific skills

Dish soap is for parents not for kids.

Girl Friendly

This product can be used for any gender. It is not girl specific.

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