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Pretend Play

Flashback Bratz Minis & Makeup

Meet the newest addition to MGA's Miniverse, Bratz Mini Cosmetics! Pop culture in your pocket. The girls with a Passion for Fashion are now in mini form!

Rainbow High-Accessories Box Bag

Let your fashion shine with the new Rainbow High Mini Accessories Studio Handbags collection. Every gorgeous high-end handbag comes packaged in a Rainbow High iconic trunk box. With 25+ handbags surprise collectibles in this capsule.

MGA’s Miniverse Make It Mini Food

Get ready to play with your food! Meet MGA's Miniverse, Make It Mini Food™! The only mini food collectible that you can MAKE AND DISPLAY. Each package comes with surprise ingredients and kitchen accessories to make your mini food. Each package is blind so you won't know which mini food you get until you unbox it!


Beyond the waves, beneath the surf, into the deep blue follow the fabulous fins of Mermaze Mermaidz to discover something amazing! Kishiko, Jordie, Harmonique, Riviera, and Shellnelle are mermaid BFFs with their own distinct persolities and mermazing color change tails! Each Mermaze Mermaidz doll has a unique, sculpted tail that performs a magical, dramatic color change when submerged in water. Riviera’s tail changes from a dark metallic blue to teal with a silver fin when it comes in contact with warm water. Her tail also doubles as a stand when the fin is bent 90 degrees, so she can really stand on her own!

Got to Glow Pet Finder

Introducing the Got2Glow Fairy Pet Finder by WowWee! The Got2Glow Fairy Finder you know and love is back, with 80+ new virtual fairy pets to find. With 40+ fairy pets to collect in each Fairy Pet Finder and 80+ fairy pets to collect in total, the fairy finding fun never ends!

Mobile Solar System from Buki Toys

Discover the solar system and its 8 planets, which rotate according to real orbit cycles over a period of 35 minutes. The Sun in the centre lights up like a night light. Convert the model to show the Earth and the Moon.

Disney Villains Dolls

​11-inch fashion dolls features removable gowns in shadowy shades with stunning vinyl material and neon accents designed just for this collection. Cruella De Vil from Disney's 101 Dalmatians sports a striking dress of red, black, and white. The Evil Queen from Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs wears an outfit with a poison apple design, plus a crown and cape. Maleficent, the villainess from Disney's Sleeping Beauty, dazzles a stunning gown with a flame design and detachable wings. 

Tamagotchi Pix

Tamagotchi Pix is the newest generation of your favorite interactive virtual pet. For the first time ever, the Tamagotchi device has a camera and touch buttons!