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Pretend Play

RAINBOW HIGH Color Change Pool & Beach Playset : 7-in-1 Light-Up-Multicolor Changing Pool

At Pacific Coast, where sunny days and poolside classes reign supreme, bring your Rainbow High Pacific Coast Fashion Dolls to the ultimate pool playset for imaginative fun. Lounge under palm trees and umbrellas, sip smoothies at the juice bar, and enjoy the 7-in-1 color-changing pool—just fill it with water and press a button to select your color from the rainbow (clear, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple). It's endless joy and storytelling in one sleek package!

Pets Alive Smitten Kitten

These kittens are your next purr-fect pal! Feed your hungry kitten using their milk bottle and hear them purr. Adopt all 8 kittens, including the ultra rare Rainbow Kitty! Unbox 5 surprises, including kitty litter compound. These adorable kittens make over 10 real life kitten sounds and their eyes glow in the dark! They can't wait to meet you!

MGA’s Miniverse Make It Mini Lifestyle Series

MGA’s Miniverse, Make It Mini Lifestyle™ is the only mini lifestyle collectible that you can make and display. From mini aquariums with mini fish, to a mini cactus with mini bags of soil, there are over 60+ unique Make It Mini lifestyle materials, packages, and accessories to collect and create your mini lifestyle and home items.

Rainbow High Dream & Design Fashion Studio Playset

Introducing Skyler Bradshaw™ in her iconic RAINBOW HIGH™ Dream & Design Fashion Studio™ Playset. It comes with all the essentials: sewing machine, iron, fashion worktable, water-reveal sketch book, functional mannequin, real colorful Rainbow High™ fabrics and an exclusive Skyler Bradshaw™ doll. With this no sew fashion designer kit, you can create over 300 fashion designs. And because this playset has 40+ accessories, you can play with it over and over again.

Zombaes Forever

Discover everlasting fun with Zombaes Forever collectible zombie dolls! These fashionable zombie small dolls have their own looks and styles, humorous names, and feature a unique un-coffin-ing unboxing experience! Pull the tab on the blind box to reveal your character’s coffin and open it to find your trendy 3.5-inch-tall Zombaes Forever surprise doll!

Mega Cyborg Hand Thames & Kosmos

Explore hydraulics, pneumatics, and robotics with your very own GIANT hydraulic hand! Using over 200 plastic pieces and piston tubes that you fill with water, build an awesome mechanical hand that uses hydraulic power to simulate the movements of the human hand no motors or electricity required!

Aphmau MeeMeows Mystery Plush

Each MeeMeow Mystery Plush in Litter 1 comes in a blind pack for surprise unboxing fun. There are 8 different MeeMeows in the first assortment, including Cheeseburger Cat, Donut Cat, & Sugar Skull Cat.