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Electronic Toys

Boon GLEAM Portable Light

Night lights are a must for every child from a very young age. Boon GLEAM Portable Light offers the versatility of a night light and a flashlight as your child gets older.

Fingerlings Baby Monkey

One of the hottest toys of Christmas 2017 left my daughter in tears after malfunctioning 5 minutes in to game play. This toy does not live up to the hype.

Vtech – Alphabet Activity Cube

This toy takes half the play room and is only good to learn the basics such as alphabet, shapes and color. It can be achieved with a much cheaper and smaller alternatives such as puzzles, books, flash cards just to name a few.

Baby Einstein – Discovering Music Activity Table

Baby Einstein - Discovering Music Activity Table-The table is a great tool to teach a child to stand up. It has 2 options: no legs for younger babies and with legs for babies learning to stand up. It is a great tool that grows with the child and encourages curiosity as well as learning. It can play music as well as learning shapes and numbers in 3 languages.

LeapFrog LeapBand

LeapFrog LeapBand - designed to be a simple watch for children to encourage movement. The watch is very basic and does not provide much educational value.