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Building Toys

LogiBlocs Secret Recorder

STEAM toys are an important part of child's development. The Spy Tech Kit introduces kids to electronics and computer science in a creative and fun way! Design and make cool spy gadgets using Logiblocs.

LEGO Friends Friendship Box

Lego never disappoints. The LEGO® Friends Friendship Box contains enough colorful LEGO pieces to build 5 different life-sized accessories at once. There’s a microphone, camera with button-activated light-brick 'flash', trophy, walkie-talkies and a robot in this exciting LEGO® Friends set for endless Heartlake City role-play fun.

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Seaside Sidekicks Nesting Sand Pails

Plastic pails are a classic summer toy. They are great at the beach, pool or anywhere where there is opportunity to build and play with water and sand. What makes the pails from Melissa & Doug different from your dollar store pails is the quality of plastic. You do not need to worry that the pails will shatter in to small, sharp plastic pieces and harm your child. The can also be stacked on top of each other and make a tower. Each one has own shape, number and colour to help kids learn as they play.

Kinetic Sand Beach Day Fun Playset

Kinetic sand is a great sensory development toy. When you are not able to go to a real beach and play with sand this is a great option on a summer break. It is also serves as an alternative to play dough as it molds and has no mess. Don’t get fulled it doesn’t feel like real sand.

Lego Duplo

Lego Duplo all in one box is a great starting kit for any child. It has all the popular pieces in a great storage case for endless hours of play. This toy encourages great creativity and self-play. Lego Duplo can be played at a very young age, all through the kindergarten years. It is virtually impossible to brake and is probably the most used toy by the time kids are grown up.

Mega Blocks First Builders

Mega Blocks First Builders - starting building blocks for toddlers. They are much easier to use for small children than Duplo products from Lego. They are perfect for little hands.