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Health & Safety

Thinkbaby Shampoo and Body Wash

ThinkBaby is a great body wash and shampoo for babies. The citrus fragrance is completely delicious. Babies skin feels soft and smells extra fresh after wash.

The Honest Company Face and body lotion

Keeping the skin soft and silky is as important for a baby as it is for an older child. The Honest Body Cream is a safe and healthy choice for all age groups as it is made from great ingredients. As a general rule I would use a cream instead of lotion for babies under 6 months as it tends to be less greasy.

Aleva Naturals Multi-Surface Spray

Safe and natural cleaning spray is one of the important tools in a mom tool box. Since you will be using lots of it it must do the job right the first time but be safe and natural since kids put everything in their mouth. Aleva Spray has natural ingredients but still does a pretty good job at cleaning without the harsh chemical smell.

Innobaby Bathin’ Smart Silicone Fish Antimicrobial Bath Scrub

Bath-time is one of the most important daily routines you will have with your child. Having tools like Innobaby Bathin’ Scrub to help make the process easier and faster is really helpful. Baby washcloths are an old way to wash the baby and require a lot of efforts to wash them daily and regular sponges are not sterile enough. The silicon scrubber is a good alternative to keeping your child clean and the scrubber clean.

Pull-Ups Flushable Wipes

When your child starts using the potty you will soon discover you need wet wipes that are flushable. Keeping your child clean and teaching them proper hygiene at a young age is vital for their future.

Terresa Children Detangler Hair Brush

Once your child stars growing hair and it starts getting long a good brush will become your best friend. The Terresa hair brushes are not only really cute but also do a good job at brushing without much yelling.

Hoppop Bato Baby Bath Tub

A great alternative to the full tub once your child starts sitting on their own. It is much safer and saves water since you do not need to fill the entire adult tub but the baby is still has the ability to play.

G.U.M. Crayola Kids’ Flossers

G.U.M. Crayola Kids' Flossers-Proper oral care begins very early with your baby. By the time they are 6 months old you should be already using a finger brush to clean their gums and as soon as they have their first tooth, it is baby tooth paste and brush time. Surprisingly enough you will need to start flossing your child’s teeth by the time they are 2 years old. Most kids do not like flossing especially in the beginning so having nice tasting and fun looking flossers is the key for successful daily routine.

Pampers Baby Wipes Natural Clean

Pampers Baby Wipes Natural Clean - After diapers baby wipes are the most essential baby product to have. Good quality baby wipes are extremely important and Pampers are the most superior wipes available on the market today. They are to wipes what “Bounty” to paper towels: does not fall apart, great for the skin and keeps moisture well.

Dapple All Purpose Cleaner Spray

Dapple All Purpose Cleaner Spray - one of the most important items to have is safe cleaning products when you have children. Safety does not need to compromise quality, Dapple delivers on both great cleaning power and safe ingredients.