One of the most important things in children clothing is durability. Since kids clothes get washed very often they need to maintain their look through 100’s of washes. It is especially important if you will be using the clothes with you next child or want to pass it to family members.

Important 5 things to consider when buying kids clothes outside of style:

Shrinking-will the clothes shrink after a few washes?

Color-Will the clothes lose their color?

Shape-Will the clothes lose their shape?

Annoying fuzz balls-will the clothes will be covered in fuzz balls after a few washes?

Quality of materials– you want as natural ingredients as possible, lots polyester is not good for kids sensitive skin. Will your child’s skin be itchy and irritated?

High Budget



Zara has lots of great new super modern styles for all seasons.

Why we love them?

  • Style
  • Selection
  • Free Shipping over $50

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Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren is a more conservative brand but has great timeless clothes that are still stylish after 10 years.

Why we love them?

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Timeless

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Medium Budget


H & M

H & M has stylish clothes but more simple than Zara.

Why we love them?

  • Trendy
  • Have Great Sales
  • Celebrity Designers

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Gap has traditional good quality sportswear for casual occasions, like the iconic Gap Hoodie.

Why we love them?

  • Durable
  • Quality
  • Predictable

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Low Budget

old navy logo 2

Old Navy

Old Navy not the best quality but has cute styles and offers great value for the price

Why we love them?

  • Price
  • Selections
  • Clearance Pricing

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Do not shop at these stores, even if the sale is huge. These items are usually last 2-3 washes and they lose their original shape and color.

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