Toys are definitely the biggest thing when you have kids once you get past the initial baby stage. With so many options, how do you choose? In general, I have learned that certain brands create much better toys in terms of the learning value your kids will get out of them.

5 Things to avoid in a toy brand if you answer yes to these questions:

Are their toys mostly made of plastic?

Is there a lot of buttons to push?

Do the toys make a lot of noise?

Will the child find the toy entertaining for a few weeks only?

Are most of the toys electronic?


Below we will review the least educational toy brands that are very popular. These brands make electronic toys mostly out of plastic and they make a lot of noises. They do not enhance the imagination and don’t allow the opportunity for kids to be creative in their play.

5 Least Innovative and non-educational Toy Brands

leap frog

Leap Frog

The most famous toy that Leap Frog is known for is the LeapFrog reader. It supposed to help kids read by using it with their own special books. The books that you need to buy are pretty expensive and what ends us happening is the kids just listen to reader instead of trying to read on their own.

fisher price

Fisher Price

Fisher Price makes mostly plastic toys from infancy to grade school. Their toys usually have a lot of buttons that are flashing and make a lot of noise. They also tend to be big and take tons of space. They are not designed to grow with your child.



Vtech is known for their tablets and other electronic toys. There is no reason to give young children even a toy tablet. It encourages the development of bad habits as they grow older and the only thing they want is play video games. Toys should not automatically provide entertainment, kids should find how to play with the toys to keep themselves entertained.

little tikes logo

Little Tikes

This is probably one of the worst brands out there. Not only do the toys made of cheap plastic but they usually pretty giant. 2-3 toys from this brand will take over your play room in no time.



This brand is similar to Fisher Price. They make similar toys but target mostly infants and toddlers. They toys tend to make a lot of loud noise and do not provide long entertainment value for your child.