Now that you already an expert Mummy and you have your baby’s first year under your belt this list consists of must and nice to have items to keep developing your toddler in to the most amazing kid he/she can be. A lot of times you see an item years later and wonder why you did not think of that sooner so here it is, enjoy.

alex folder

1. Folder to hold arts and Crafts

As soon as you will start going to classes or pre-school you will learn babies do make lots and lots of crafts. (well their caregivers do) and you do not want to be the only Mom who can not show your babies crafts when they were 2 years; years down the road. This folder allows to easily organize all the wonderful creations your baby will produce.

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My Favourite

ALEX Toys – Early Learning My Art – Little Hands

  •  9 expandable pockets that hold paper up to 12-Inch x 18-Inch
  • 4-Inch x 6-Inch photo right on the front pocket
  • Measures 15-Inch x 19-Inch.

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abc blocks

2. ABC Blocks

The wooden blocks are one of the most classic toys but is still as relevant as they were 50 years ago. They can be used to built walls as well as learn ABCs, colors, and animals.

My Favourite

Hape – Early Explorer – ABC Wooden Stacking Blocks

  • Delightful “retro” art printed directly onto each hardwood block
  • Letters, pictures and numbers inspire toddlers to create buildings, words and stories
  • Hape toy finishes are all non-toxic, child safe and of the highest quality
  • All products comply with the highest quality standards – Wood used comes from FSC managed forests

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3. Simple Big Pieces and Wooden Puzzles

Puzzles are great to teach concentration, thinking and precision. Develops tactile/motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Make sure to choose the wooden onces or thicker carton since the cheaper paper once tend to bend easily and the child will find it frustrating. Start with 3-4 large puzzles and slowly work to 6-8 puzzles. It also helps to select a theme that child will be interested to motivate play.

My Favourite

The Learning Journey My First Puzzle Sets 4-In-A-Box

  • 4 progressive puzzles in one box
  • Big chunky pieces for small hands
  • Includes one 2-piece puzzle, one 4-piece puzzle, one 6-piece puzzle, and one 8-piece puzzle
  • Durable cardboard construction
  • Comes in many themes

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Water Coloring Books

4. Coloring Books

Around 1.5 years you can start introducing coloring books. The best coloring books for toddlers are the water based that do not require actual markers and just change color when water is applied. Promotes fine motor skills, early writing skills, and visual discrimination.

My Favourite

Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow! Water Reveal Pad

  • Reusable pages are white with simple line drawings when dry; reveal colors when wet
  • Chunky-size water pen is easy to fill, easy to hold
  • 4 vehicle-themed coloring boards

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Toddler Crayons

5. Toddler Friendly Crayons

When it is time finally time for crayons it is important to use the bigger, chunkier crayons that will be easy for the baby to hold and actual color instead of just doing scribbles. You can start using these around 1 year, you fill find the onces thy give out in restaurants do not quite do the job.

My Favourite

Crayola My First Crayola Palm Grip Egg Crayon

  • Easy palm grip on any side – Made for Little Hands
  • Flat bottom keeps crayon from rolling
  • Includes 2 egg shaped crayons – one each of red, blue and yellow
  • Fun easy-grip egg shape
  • Washable and Nontoxic

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Kids Flossers

6. Kids Flossers

Proper dental hygiene is one of the most important things you can give to your child. Surprisingly enough by 1 year you already have to start flossing if your baby has more than 4 teeth. You will soon find out how fast the plaque builds up on those baby teeth. You should start slow with a few times a week only and gradually get to everyday by the time the baby is 18 months.

My Favourite

Gum Crayola Flossers Grape W Fluoride

  • Grape Flavour chosen to motivate kids
  • Fluoride on floss for the prevention of cavities between teeth
  • Crayola crayon shape makes flossing fun and easy
  • 3 Bright Colours

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Footed Pajamas

7. Footed Pajamas

Footed PJ will become your child new best friend once they get out of the sleep sack stage. Kids rarely wake up under the blanket you so thoroughly tucked them under when they go to bed. So in order for them to stay through the night a one piece fleecy PJ are the best option.

My Favourite

Carter’s Footed PJ

  • Zips from ankle to chin
  • Built-in gripper footies
  • Ribbed neck and cuffs

Old Navy and Carter’s are the most comfortable, affordable and durable PJs.

Comfortable waterproof winter boots

8. Comfortable waterproof winter boots

Once your baby starts walking you will need a pair of winter boots. The most important feature of winter boots for kids is comfort. They can not be too heavy or too rigid or the child will not be able to walk properly especially in the snow. Of course waterproof and warmth are also important but people get caught up in those factors and forget about comfort.

My Favourite

Geox J Orizont G. ABX A Winter Boot

  • Super Lightweight Outsole
  • High Dampness Factor
  • Very High Thermal Insulation

Upper: 100% Synthetic, Lining: 100% Textile
Outsole: 100% Rubber, Insole: 100% Textile

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look and find book

9. Look and find books

Look and find books are a great way to spend quality time with your child. These books have a small amount of reading as well as lots picture to find. Encourages social skills, concentration, recognition and association.

My Favourite

Where is Curious George? Around the Town: A Look-and-Find Book

  • Each full-to-bursting scene represents a favorite spot in the neighborhood, from the playground to the library to a hopping farmer’s market!
  • Jaunty rhymes introduce each inviting location and list the objects readers can find
  • The colorful 10 x 10 cardstock pages will hold up to years of enthusiastic exploration!

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nike sneakers baby

10. Comfortable Sneakers

A pair of light comfortable sneakers will your child’s best friend. They will allow to master the important skills of running and walking. The have to be breathable, lightweight and flexible. Velcro is a preferred since shoe laces get untied all the time and you will sure find that extremely frustrating.

My Favourite

adidas NEO Kids VS Advantage Clean CMF Running Shoes

  • Baby athletic fashion sneakers with a highly detailed outer build for a unique style
  • Made specifically for little-feet
  • Leather-Like upper for a premium fashionable look
  • Quick Velcro closures for easy on and off

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A good place to buy kids shoes are the outlets.

Toddler Pillow

11. Toddler Pillow

Once your child gets close to a year, a small pillow might be helpful to help him/her settle down for a good day or night sleep. Start with small pillow that is comfortable and is made from healthy materials and Hypoallergenic.

My Favourite

Baby Works Baby’s 1st Pillow with Bamboo Pillowcase

  • Hypoallergenic fitted cover made using rayon from bamboo fibers
  • Airflow treated open-cell memory foam is breathable
  • Helps to prevent flat-head syndrome
  • Air ventilation keeps pillow cool and comfortable
  • Bamboo Pillowcase is machine washable and dryer-safe

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Ikea Kids Blanket

12. Blanket

In the first winter once your baby turns one,  will be time to buy your first blanket. A good blanket is lightweight, washable and is good size that comes with compatible duvet covers.

My Favourite

LEN STJÄRNA Cot comforter

  • Outer fabric in cotton/lyocell, a blend that breathes, absorbs and wicks moisture away
  • Made of lyocell, a material that absorbs and transports moisture away and maintains a comfortable sleeping temperature
  • Lots of duvet covers to choose from
  • Machine washableLength: 13 ½ ” (34 cm)
    Diameter: 5 ¼ ” (14 cm)
    Weight: 1 lb 10 oz (0.74 kg)

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Hooded Robes

13. Kids Bathrobe

A rope is a great item to have for after bath or the beach. It is best used from 6 months when the baby can sit on their own. Hood is a must to put over wet hair. Terry material is best to absorb moisture.

My Favourite

Aivtalk Kid’s Hooded Bath Robe

  • Hooded super plush kids robe.
  • Long sleeves and a sash that ties at the waist.
  • Super soft and warm flannel material that is perfect for after bath use, cold winter nights and suitable for both boys and girls.
  • Comes in many colors and sizes

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crocs shoes

14. Crocs Shoes

Crocs are great summer shoes to wear in the backyard, the beach, the pool or anywhere that is moist or dirty. They are comfortable and supr easy to wash. Please do not wear them to the mall they are not running shoes.

My Favourite

Crocs Glitter Kids Clog

  • Classic comfort clog in allover glitter with top perforations and logo cutout at side
  • Comes in many designs
  • Easy to clean

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Small Foldable Stroller

15. Small Foldable Stroller

Once your baby gets close to  year the big expensive stroller that you bought when still pregnant will stop being your lifeline. You will want something light and easy to fold especially for short trips and when traveling with lots of baggage.

There are many options in compact strollers it all depends on budget and personal preferences. From umbrella strollers to more fancy single fold compacts.

But remember, whatever your style is the trunk space is the most important factor to consider hen choosing your second best friend for the next 2 years.

My Favourite

Mountain Buggy 2016 Nano Stroller

  • Best for the PRICE
  • Infant car seat ready ; no need to purchase additional adapters and now has a soft shell cocoon carrycot available (sold separately) for newborns
  • New, narrower compact size at just 21-Inch wide and weighing 13 pounds with 44 lb. weight capacity and suitable for children up to 4 years
  • Easy two-step, compact fold meets regulations for airline carryon luggage. Travel bag and shoulder strap included
  • New features for 2016 model include: 30-Percent deeper recline, 1-Inch narrower width, greater sunhood coverage, solid flip-out visor
  • Ultra slim line wheels and sun mesh extension with a fabric overlay (for winter coverage) when seat is reclined

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