first grade list

10 Must Have 1st Grade Items - Age 6

It is time for 1st Grade surprisingly enough there still things to discover to help your little flower bloom.

10 Must Have Ingredients in Children Skin and Hair Products

Many skin care products on the market containing synthetic fragrances and potentially harmful ingredients that can have adverse reactions, including skin irritation, rashes, respiratory issues, and more. Natural skin care ingredients are also readily available and provide an easy and effective solution. These ingredients can have the same great qualities as the harmful onces.

10 Must Have Items for Home/Online Schooling

We have assembled a list of the must have items for online schooling or home schooling that will make the learning so much easier.

10 Must Have Preschool Items - Ages 4 to 5

This list will help your toddler transition in to a mini grown up.

10 Toys to Avoid

Learn how to choose the best clothing for your child. Don't choose your kids wardrobe to be an instagram model.

5 Best Book Series for Girls

One of the most important things in children clothing is durability. Find the best options for your budget.