Shopping for a baby and a small child is completely different from shopping for an adult.

With kids the 3 important things to look for:

  • Practicality-it this item serves the purpose and is easy to use.
  • Longevity-can I easily wash and maintain this item for a long period of time.
  • Comfortable-is your child comfortable wearing the clothes.
kids jeans
skinny jeans
baby jeans

1. Jeans

Jeans are usually too tight and tend to slide down when the child is moving. They are also often too rigid and limit child movement.


jean leggings

Instead, try Jean Leggings. They are much softer and have an elastic band that keeps the pants from sliding down.

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Fluffy-Dresses Toddler-Girl

2. Fluffy Dress

Fluffy dresses are truly reserved for special occasions, such as weddings-those dresses are super uncomfortable, itchy and impossible to wash


jean dress

Dresses that they can wear anywhere not just their birthdays, comfortable and easy to wash.

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Turtle Necks

3. Turtle Neck

Turtle Necks or anything too tight around the neck. It is impossible to put on and it is extremely uncomfortable around child sensitive skin.


baby scarf

Wear scarf if it is windy or you feel you need to cover the neck.

Baby Snow Suits

4. Baby Snow Suit

They are used maybe 1-2 times. They do not fit in a car seat or a stroller.



Better to have a car seat and stroller blankets.

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2 Piece Bikinis for Babies

5. 2 Piece Bikinis for Babies

They are only cute on pictures. They often fall off and there is no point exposing so much sensitive skin on a baby when you don’t need to.


rush guard

If you want 2 piece bathing suit buy the long sleeve version that way you will need less sunscreen and there is less chance of a sunburn.

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6. Matching Outfits

Matching Mom & daughter outfits becomes a problem once a second sibling comes along. Plus kids grow up so fast you will be only able to use it just a few times.


mom and me

Try similar styles of clothes but the matching outfits are only cute in Instagram photos, not real life. You can buy similar colour scheme  or styles if you want to have a similar look.

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7. Baby jeans overalls

It hard to take them off when taking the kids to the washroom or changing a diaper.


elastic jeans baby

Regular pants with elastic waist.

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Head Bows

8. Head Bows

Those never stay on and constantly irritate the child wearing them. Only good for photos.


hair clips

Simple hair clips are the best choice for a child.

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9. Shoes with laces

These shoes always untie and can cause the child to fall.


velcro shoes

Velcro or zippers only shoes are the best option.

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baby shorts

10. Baby Shorts

Short pants are not good for kids as they expose too much skin. Kids tend to fall a-lot and scratch those knees.



Knee-length is a much better alternative once your child starts walking to save those knees from scratches.

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