Clipping baby's nails is about as terrifying as being alone in a dark forest. NailFrida the SNIPPERCLIPPER will make that task a lot less scary with it's look through window. It allows you to see exactly what you cut.

Mustela Hydra Bebe Body Lotion

Proper skin care is an important daily routine from birth. Mustela’s daily-moisturizing Hydra Bébé Body Lotion provides immediate and long-lasting moisture for your child's skin. It is very effective for dry skin for all ages. It absorbs quickly without leaving your skin greasy.

Mould Free Squirting Rocket Ship Bath Toy by Marcus & Marcus

Bath-time toys are definitely your best friends when it comes to wash time. Marcus bath toys are defiantly a healthier alternative to the traditional yellow bath time duck. Marcus toys are made from a durable rubber and they also are much more sanitary as they open up in order to be able to let the water out. They come in different shapes, colours and sizes.

Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Humidifier is one of the most important baby registry items that often gets overlooked. A good humidifier will be your child best friend in the dry winter months for many years. One key feature that should not be ignored is the presence of a filter. Humidifier should not have filters and be simple to maintain.

Melissa & Doug Feeding and Grooming Pet Care Play Set

An amazing pretend play toy. Great toy to substitute a real pet for your child. It is entertaining but also teaches the basics of hard work of pet care. I love that it comes with 2 pets and also all the accessories that you would need to take care of them, including toy food.

Boon Snug Spout With Cup

It seems that when your child transitions from a bottle to a sippy cup you will find yourself experimenting with the many cup styles available in the store. It becomes like the Goldilocks story: this one leaks, this one is hard to wash, my child hates this one, etc. This is a creative solution that is very simple and healthy. You can use the plastic cup that comes with it or use any other cup you have. There is no tricky parts to wash or replace.


The Hip Hop carry bag is one of the better products on the market in it's category. It is extremely versatile, priced relatively low, stylish, washable, insulated and can be clipped to your stroller or bag. It also comes with a small mesh pocket and ice pack so that it can hold cold temperatures for longer periods of time.

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Seaside Sidekicks Nesting Sand Pails

Plastic pails are a classic summer toy. They are great at the beach, pool or anywhere where there is opportunity to build and play with water and sand. What makes the pails from Melissa & Doug different from your dollar store pails is the quality of plastic. You do not need to worry that the pails will shatter in to small, sharp plastic pieces and harm your child. The can also be stacked on top of each other and make a tower. Each one has own shape, number and colour to help kids learn as they play.

Kinetic Sand Beach Day Fun Playset

Kinetic sand is a great sensory development toy. When you are not able to go to a real beach and play with sand this is a great option on a summer break. It is also serves as an alternative to play dough as it molds and has no mess. Don’t get fulled it doesn’t feel like real sand.

Innobaby stainless divided platter with sectional lid

Innobaby stainless divided platter with sectional lid is a great way to encourage self feeding when your child first starts to eat. This is also a great way to encourage children to eat more and a larger variety of foods. It is much more fun to put little pieces of food in each section instead of creating a big mess in one plate.