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Bead Sets for Kids Under 6

Bead sets are a must for all little girls who love jewellery and dress up. Finding the right one however can be tricky. A-lot of the sets on the market are not designed for small children.

5 Best Advent Calendars 2020

What is an advent calendar? An Advent calendar is a very special calendar used to help us countdown to December 25, starting on December 01. Originally it was based on Christian faith but has evolved to a simple family tradition for all for the festive month of December. Each day we discover something special leading …

New from Num Noms

Num Noms is a toy line by MGA that started to appear in late 2015. While the toy line started out simple, composed of little scented Nums or Noms that can be found in the shape of various foods or sweets, it has since expanded to include various new features; such as slime, textures, play sets, and even makeup.

5 New Toy Trends 2020

Every year there are hundreds of new toys that hit the market but brand new concepts get introduced in much smaller numbers if at all on an annual basis. Kids however will always want to try something new even if is almost the same as the 100's of toys they already have. They will also …