Best Toy Stores Ontario

There are a lot of places to buy toys and books but one of Toronto’s best kept secrets is Samko and Miko Toy warehouse. They have a few locations around Ontario and now offer online shopping They have been around for over 50 years.

They are not open to the public all year but a few times a year for a few months usually in the spring and in the fall.

What make this toy warehouse amazing and worth visiting at least a few times a year:

  1. Prices, Prices, Prices
  2. Incredible selection of books at very low prices
  3. Great selections of toys for all ages and genders
  4. Amazing selection of hard to find and rare toys
  5. Sell storage and other practical items for kids

They might not have the top 10 Christmas toys of the year but 1 month before Christmas no one does. They a great place to get stuff through the year for your kids and also for birthday parties.

The Loyal parents reviewers were lucky to be invited to do reviews for some of the hottest toys of the season here are the 4 toys reviews below:

x ray vision supergirl

1. DC Super Hero Girls X-Ray Locker and Supergirl Doll

Great Super Hero doll that comes with a locker and accessories. Play out the x-ray vision of DC Super Hero Girls Supergirl with a locker accessory that highlights her amazing super power.
When Supergirl action doll comes near, an easy child-activated mechanism lets her peek inside without opening the doors

Requires batteries

Comes with:

  • Includes two small accessories to place inside the lockers for Supergirl action doll to find
  • Four locker doors each open and close for access to storage space

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SCORE: 8 of 10

Monster High® Dance the Fright Away Draculaura Doll & Playset

2. Monster High® Dance the Fright Away™ – Draculaura™ Doll & Playset

The toy comes with a doll and play set. The stage is hard to assemble and made from cheap plastic. Recreate the fun with Draculaura doll and this play set that captures all the action, dancing-and photo ops. Make a selection, slip a personal smart device (not included) into the camera-themed holder and snap a scary cool shot

Comes with:

  • There are three different backgrounds and three different props for the photo boo-th
  • Set includes Draculaura doll, photo booth, prop stand, feature dance floor, camera-themed smart device holder, three photo backdrops and three photo props

SCORE: 6 of 10

Cra-Z-Art My Look Personalize 'n Wear Jewelry Kit

3.Cra-Z-Art My Look Personalize ‘n Wear Jewelry Kit

Comes with elastic string and many different types of beads. There are beads with alphabet and simple beads to make various types of necklaces.


SCORE: 6 of 10

My Little Pony- The Movie - Rainbow Dash - Swashbuckler Pirate Airship

4. My Little Pony: The Movie – Rainbow Dash – Swashbuckler Pirate Airship

Big flying ship that includes Ranbow-dash pony. It is a little hard to put together but once completed it is a great toy. It has lots of storage space so that you can store all the accessories. The guardians of the Elements of Harmony are ready for adventure, and…shiver me timbers! Inspired by My Little Pony: “The Movie” .
this Swashbuckler Pirate Airship can detach into a pirate ship, airship, and skiff so kids can imagine Rainbow Dash and the pirate ponies (Sold separately.) travelling by air, land, or sea!

Comes with:

  • Deploy the dual sails, drop barrels from a secret chamber, and launch projectiles from the cannons during battle play. Then, move the cannons from bow to stern to turn them into engines!
  • Clip figures to zip around and stow pirate loot in the treasure hideaway. The Rainbow Dash figure comes with adventuring accessories, including a sword, treasure chest, and spyglass.

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SCORE: 8 of 10

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