Bead Sets for Kids Under 6

Bead sets are a must for all little girls who love jewellery and dress up. Finding the right one however can be tricky. A-lot of the sets on the market are not designed for small children. Those sets will only make the child frustrated instead of enjoying making necklaces and bracelets. There are some very important things to consider before buying a bead set. Otherwise your crafting set will become your nightmare with a crying child and beads all over the house. With the right set your child will spend hours designing their own jewellery with fun and easy to use simply sliding beads. Mixing and matching colorful beads to create new looks over and over again!

5 things to look for in a bead set:

  • Comes with a storage container
  • Beads are not too small
  • The string/elastic will easily fit in to the bead
  • Can be easily opened and closed after the jewellery piece is complete
  • Can create new looks over and over again

Below I have summarized 2 popular bead sets:


Fingerlings Jewelry Activity Arts and Crafts Kit

Create your own style jewelry over and over again with this fun set!
Make necklaces and bracelets to wear with over 100 beads and charms.
It’s easy to create fun designs.
Simply slide beads and charms on your rubber jewelry.
Set also includes a fun shaped banana bag to store all of your jewelry inside for easy on the go fun!

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disney princess beads

Disney Princess Necklace Activity Set

Kids will have tons of fun with this set! Mix and match to create your own jewelry with colorful beads, silicone necklaces and fun character charms! Create new looks over and over again! Everything stores inside the sturdy carry case!

Create new looks over and over again!
Features 5 rubber character charms & 150 beads to make 5 necklaces.
Easy necklace closure.
Storage for all components inside the carry case.

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Example of Bead Sets to Avoid

Make It Real – Mermaid Treasure Jewelry

Make It Real – Mermaid Treasure Jewelry

This is one of the most frustrating sets on the market. The string that comes with the set is almost impossible to insert inside the bead. It starts fraying after a few minutes of using it. The string is also very short and you can’t make enough jewellery. If you make a mistake or change your mind there is no extra string. This is set is extremely frustrating and disappointing; even for adults.


  • MERMAID TREASURE JEWELRY. This DIY tween jewelry making kit guides young girls to create their own fashionable locket pendant necklace, along with a two mermaid charm bracelets with gold and pearl beads.
  • EVERYTHING INCLUDED. This kit has everything your child needs to create an amazing pendant charm locket necklace, as well as two mermaid charm and bead bracelets. Includes charm, locket pendant, gold beads, pearl beads, instructions and more.

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