Battrick Girls


Mom of 3 girls who learns every day first-hand what works and what does not in real life not in a product commercial.

valentina battrick

Valentina- Age 10-5th Grade

Oldest Sister

Likes: Reading, Dancing, Acting, Playing, Singing and being fearless

Dislikes: Being Bored

Hobbies: Fashion Design, Science Experiments,  Engineering

carina battrick

Carina-Age 8-3rd Grade

Middle Child

Likes: Dancing, Acting, Playing, Singing and being a princess

Dislikes: Bugs

Hobbies: Coloring and playing pretend

antonina battrick

Antonina-Age 5-SK

The Baby

Likes: ABC books and songs, Puzzles, Coloring

Dislikes: Sharing

Hobbies: Singing children songs, Soccer, Dancing