Girls are just extra special!

Girls are definitely unique in their needs and require a special product selection. From the time you find out you will have a girl you start dreaming about pink dresses and princesses. Girls need fashion but they also they also need learning and being comfortable. We select products that support girl needs, remove the typical stereotypes associated with girls, while still maintaining the fun of having girls. As a mother of 3 girls I have been through this wonderful journey 3 times, learning more and more each time around. There are many things that I know now that I wish I knew while having my first. There would be plenty of things that I would change. Hence the idea of this site was born to help parents along the same journey make better more educated decisions for the future of their girls.

There are 3,900,000 of Mommy blogs/reviews out there, since all mommies apparently do is write blogs. Why is my reviews blogs different?

Main questions I will try and answer are:

konik toy image


Do I need this product at all? If not no point reading how it makes you feel if you do not need it at all.



After you realize you need it, is when? There is no need to purchase something now if you will only need it in 3 years from now even if it is on major sale-a lot changes in 3 years


Milestone Score

Does this product help a specefic milestone? Or is just a nice product to have without a specefic milestone.

Teddy Bear and Briefcase


How long will this product last? Will it not even last for one kid or or will it last for the next 2 children?

Girl Pink

Girl Friendly

Does this product support the healthy development of girls? Is it gender neutral? Or geared more towards boy needs?