Reaching your child’s full potential every step of the way!

As soon as a new parent holds their child for the first time their life changes entirely. Nothing can prepare anyone for this life changing event. From the first breath the baby takes we promise to always cherish and protect this tiny human. We want to provide the best future for our children and loyal parents is all about helping parents, do just that. We want to spend money on the right items, at the right time and make sure they can last, especially if there is a second baby in mind. In the 9 month leading to a baby and the first year you are constantly pressured to buy and buy for your new arrival. We will review the items really needed, the nice to have and products that are a complete waste of money. One of my childhood friends recently had her first child and was really looking for guidance. Read about useless registry items here

As a mother of 3 kids I wish I had access to the same level of information I was able to share with her. It is not only about saving money and having baby milestones but also selecting the optimal product based on the individual needs of our kids as well as us as parents.  There is no point buying a top of the line stroller if you are planning to do a lot of outdoor sports. There must be synergy between the overall family unit dynamics, its goals and the products being purchased.  I have learned that things are just things but having the right product helps to make the journey just a little easier and more memorable.

We will also be able to have first-hand testers of the products. We will share in 3 different age groups which will provide a unique perspective. We will investigate the ingredients, durability and their siblings potential.

Finally the products need to be available in Canada. Through my journey I found a lot of information on American blogs and websites but it was hard to impossible to find information on products available in Canada. Read about our top Canadian products here

You will love us if you are:

  • Love to get the most out the products you buy
  • Love unique products
  • Love learning about different products as your child growth
  • Want help your child achieve their full potential
  • Want to save time and space

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