5 New Toy Trends 2020

Every year there are hundreds of new toys that hit the market but brand new concepts get introduced in much smaller numbers if at all on an annual basis. Kids however will always want to try something new even if is almost the same as the 100’s of toys they already have. They will also tend to still like their favourites like Hatchimals and LOLs if they introduce some new ideas.

5 things to consider for buying toys this year:

  • Small
  • Wearable
  • Transformational
  • Colourful
  • Surprising

Below I have summarized 5 toys trends for 2020:

  1. Blind Bags Toys- are still big

Blind Box or Blind Packaged means you don’t know which specific design from a series you might be receiving. The boxes and/or bags are sealed and we don’t know which toy is inside them. It’s kinda like buying trading cards, except you don’t get a piece of cardboard, you get a cool toy. Lots of series even feature rare special designs or secret “chase” figures. The most common one is LOL but there are hundreds more on the market today.

New Players on the market: Tic Tac Toys, My Little Pony, Rainbocorns

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2. Girl Stem sets and toys continue to gain traction and coolness

Stem toys keep gaining momentum in the market place. There are a-lot of new concepts that are a lot more fun than before. A lot of them are now tailored towards girls which is awesome. Teaches you something and is fun too. Teaches girls how to follow instruction/blueprints. You learn something each time you play. It prepares kids for future jobs.

Some new players on the market are: Knex Mighty Makers, Thames & Kosmos, Kids First

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What?s in My Purse Surprise Doll Purse

3.Toys inside reusable purses or bags

Since most toys are not really played after the first few days introducing purses is a really cool idea of extending the toy’s play time. That way kids will be able to multi-task and use the toy for something more practical. Some come with all kinds of stuff like markers, stickers, bracelets, you name it. Lets kids use their imagination and parents can use the purse too.

Some new players on the market: LOL My Purse Surprise Mermazing Doll Purse

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Lucky Fortune Blind Collectible Bracelets

4. Jewellery & Convertible Wearable Toys

Jewellery toys are great for many reasons: they are small, playable and pretty. You can play with them and wear them. Gives kids a chance to use their imagination, great for pretend play. Gives kids more self-confidence. Kids can have them with them where-ever they go without having to carry huge bags with them.

Some new players on the market: Lucky Fortune collectibles bracelets, Twisty Petz, Lol Charm Bracelets

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Pop Pop Hair Surprise

5.Hair Toys

Hair toys are great because they can also be used by kids as some of them are wearable. They also great for pretend play as a-lot of girls love playing with hair. They also help children learn self grooming and teach them how to braid and tie their own hair. The toys often can be put in child’s and dolls hair, as well as practice different hair styles. It lets kids be creative with hair.

Some New Players on the Market: Pop Hair Surprise, Sunny Day, CandyLocks

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