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Pets Alive Smitten Kitten

These kittens are your next purr-fect pal! Feed your hungry kitten using their milk bottle and hear them purr. Adopt all 8 kittens, including the ultra rare Rainbow Kitty! Unbox 5 surprises, including kitty litter compound. These adorable kittens make over 10 real life kitten sounds and their eyes glow in the dark! They can't wait to meet you! Read More ...

MGA Entertainment Miniverse- Make It Mini: Multi Pack

MGA Entertainment Miniverse- Make It Mini: Multi Pack
The Make It Mini Multipack contains all the ingredients to make the 5 Mini Foods shown in the recipe cards included in the pack. You can also take those same ingredients and create your own mini food creations! Read More ...

MGA’s Miniverse Make It Mini Lifestyle Series

MGA's Miniverse Make It Mini Lifestyle Series
MGA’s Miniverse, Make It Mini Lifestyle™ is the only mini lifestyle collectible that you can make and display. From mini aquariums with mini fish, to a mini cactus with mini bags of soil, there are over 60+ unique Make It Mini lifestyle materials, packages, and accessories to collect and create your mini lifestyle and home items. Read More ...

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10 Ingredients to avoid in tween Hair Products

When it comes to tweens (typically aged 9 to 12), it's important to be especially cautious about the ingredients in hair shampoos due to their developing bodies and potential sensitivities. Here are some harmful ingredients commonly found in shampoos that tweens and their caregivers should be aware of: Read More ...

10 Tips for Tween Skin Care

Does my tween need to worry about their skin? It is also important to know what ingredients are good and which are best to avoid. Learn the simple and healthy skin care routine for tweens to make their skin glow Read More ...

20 Ingredients to avoid in Children Skin and Hair Products

We assembled a list of 20 dangerous ingredients to avoid in your child's hygiene products. Read More ...

20 Must Have Baby Items

The items in this list are what you really need when having a little one and are a great investment. Read More ...

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First let me introduce myself, my name is Anna and I am a mom of 3 wonderful girls. Before having kids I had a long career in marketing, yes we were all somebodies before becoming moms. Through the years of being a mother I have learned alot, made mistakes and had some amazing moments with my kids.Do not sweat the small things, I can not say that enough. Enjoy, cherish and make a big deal of all the great things your child will do. Trust me, they do grow up too fast.

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