Herschel Supply Heritage Backpack

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Herschel Supply Heritage Backpack-The bag looks well made when you open the packaging but unfortunately after 2 months of use the front pocket is starting to fall apart.


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  • Necessity Scale
    Editor: 90%
  • Developmental Score
    Editor: 60%
  • Longevity Score
    Editor: 60%
  • Girl Friendly
    Editor: 90%
  • Multi Sibling Friendly
    Editor: 60%


  • Style
  • Matching pencils case and lunch box
  • Back Support
  • Quality


  • No Bottle Pocket
  • Small front pocket
  • Few inside Pockets
  • Durability

The bag looks well made when you open the packaging but unfortunately after 2 months of use the front pocket is starting to fall apart.

You can buy a matching pencil case and lunch bag which is really good. The one thing that is really a really down side is the lack of side pockets. There is nowhere to put even a water bottle. This bag is a stylish statement  but lacks basic functionality and is not very durable.

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From manufacturer:

  • Signature striped fabric liner
  • Front pocket with key clip
  • Durable synthetic or pebbled leather and rubber detailing
  • Woven interior name label
  • Classic woven label

Age Range


Preschool to Grade 1

6 Year Old Front View
Valentina Battrick Herschel

The back pack is a comfortable size for a 6 year old. The matching Lunch bag is a good size.

4 Year Old Side View
Carina Battrick Herschel

4 year old can wear the backpack comfortably as well when it is not too full.

View From the Back
Herschel Backpack

This is the view from the back. The size is a good fit for first grade.

18 Month Old Near the Backpack
Antonina Battrick Herschel

This is to illustrate the size of the backpack. It does not look too big even for a small child.

Product Type



15.5″(H) x 11.25″(W) x 4.5″(D), 16L

Popular Brand/Availability in every store: NO

  • Niche
  • Specialty stores only

Where to buy

Online store or speciality bag stores

Brand Website


Exterior fabric100% polyester


100% polyurethane


100% polyester


Medium to High-Over $50

Necessity Scale-5

Backpack is a must for school age children

Siblings Friendly-Can engage together

Backpacks are not really a sharing item. Siblings can definitely play with the backpacks. Little siblings will want to be like their older sibling by pretending to go to school.

Durability/Multi Kid Survivor/Longevity Scale 2.5

Backpacks are a tricky item. Not many siblings will want to have their siblings’ old school bag.

Wear -Front Pocket
Herschel Supply Heritage Backpack

Front Pocket-wear marks after 2 month use.

Wear Markes-Leather Base
Herschel Supply Heritage Backpack

Backpack Bottom-this is the damage after 2 month use.

Development Friendly-Helps with specific skills

Helps with being self-sufficient, independent and learning to take charge of personal belongings.

Girl Friendly

There are plenty of girl friendly designs to satisfy even the pickiest girl

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